Youtube Videos! 

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I'll be putting up some cool electric guitar exercises and some how-to's on some of the gear I use.  Be on the lookout!

Drive Pedals! 

I got a seriously sweet clean boost pedal this week. It's the small version of the T.C. Helicon Spark and it tops out my whole pedalboard!  I love it.  Had this weekend off but I'll be back in Wrightsville Beach next week and I'm still working hard to finish up the next two singles.  Thanks for stopping by! 

The Weather and The Mood! 

This has got to be my favorite time of year to play.  Generally the crowds are in a better mood because the heat isn't so brutal. The Sun shines itself again. And we begin to feel those moments when the path feels right.  Go with them my friends. Write, paint, practice, read, engage.  Let the clutch out and that car will go. Take my word for it! All the love as always.  Music is a great vehicle to bring us together, But hardship, friendship, and compassion are the catalyst the bind us. Be as happy as you can be in the moment.  But no matter what don't waste it. Rob

Akademia Awards! 

Today I entered five songs off a previous album including "Goodbye To Rain" and "Queen Mary" in the competition for the International Akademia Awards!  I had a DJ from WLDN London tell me that they get most of their new material from Akademia Award winners so a win could mean some serious radio play and soundtrack opportunities so keep your fingers crossed for me guys!  Check out the site if you get a chance!

Weekend Shows! 

This weekend I'm delighted to be sharing the stage at Lagerhead"s in Wrightsville Beach this Friday night with one of my oldest friends and fellow musicians Mr. Brett Johnson!  I would also like to thank John Wade for laying down the drum tracks on my latest album as well as Tommy Brothers who is an amazing engineer/producer and a hell of a guitar player.  New tracks coming soon!! And maybe there's been talk of a video for a few of my songs, we'll see.  Thanks everybody for stopping by!

Back In The Studio! 

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm currently working on my third studio album. I know it is often said in the industry that this next one is gonna be a killer. Sometimes we're right, other times we're wrong but I have to say that I'm more proud of this work than I have ever been on any previous album. I love them all like children. They are my creations and like children we always hate to pick a favorite.  But when it comes to my body of work, I really think this one is going to shine above the rest.  So, long-winded story short, you guys are gonna love these tunes.  I invite you all to come to you're own conclusions about their meanings.  Please feel free to share your interpretations with me.  I love that stuff.  To summarize I suppose, I hope you all get as much out of this music as I would like you to.  As much if not much more than I intended for you to.  Keep listening, keep reading, keep fighting.  Thanks,